Are Your Hardwood Floors Scratched or Stained?

Turn to a hardwood sanding company in Cincinnati & Dayton, OH

Nice hardwood floors can give any room a luxurious touch. But if your floors are scratched or stained, it could make your home look dingy. Thankfully, you don't have to replace your floors because of a few scratches.

XTREME CLEAN 95 is a hardwood sanding company that can breathe new life into your floors. Residents of Cincinnati & Dayton, OH have trusted us with their floors for over 25 years. If you want to make your floors look like new, set up an appointment for our hardwood sanding services now.

Top benefits of sanding your hardwood floors

Top benefits of sanding your hardwood floors

Hardwood sanding services do more than improve the appearance of your floors. They also:

  • Make your floors easier to clean
  • Reduce the likelihood that your floors will crack or splinter
  • Remove small crevices where termites and other insects like to live
Ready to enjoy all of the above benefits? Schedule an appointment with our hardwood sanding team in Cincinnati & Dayton, OH today to get started.