Remove the Dirt and Grime That's Trapped in Your Carpet

We provide professional carpet cleaning in the Cincinnati & Dayton, OH area

While those plush fibers in your carpets are extremely comfortable, they can also trap dust, dirt and odors for months at a time. When vacuuming just isn't enough, the experts at XTREME CLEAN 95 can help. We offer professional carpet cleaning in Cincinnati & Dayton, OH. We'll put over 25 years of experience to work for you.

Our powerful equipment can remove deep-set stains without damaging fibers. You'll be amazed at how much life and color we can restore to your dated carpets.

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Why is carpet cleaning so important?

Why is carpet cleaning so important?

In most residential and commercial spaces, carpets are breeding grounds for dangerous pathogens, irritants and contaminants. Frequent carpet cleaning will:

  • Decrease allergies and skin infections
  • Prevent fungal infections and respiratory distress
  • Reduce your exposure to bacteria
  • Stop the spread and persistence of odors

Reach deep into your fibers for a safe and thorough clean. Speak with us today for quality carpet cleaning services in the Cincinnati & Dayton, OH area.